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Nutritional Guidelines to Follow when Designing Meals for Children

Everyone loves their children, but getting them to eat smart is one of the most difficult challenges of parenting. When cookies and cola are cheap, youngsters inevitably want to eat those. Getting them to eat the best food requires a combination of rules and enticement.

Many parents have a rule where children are not allowed to have desert until they finish their meals. While youngsters tend to resent old fashioned rules, it can still be a great way to get them to finish their plate. It is also more effective if everyone in the family must follow the same rule. That means dad must eat his beans as well as his steak before he can have some cookies.

Another great idea is to make dessert healthy. Cookies will always have sugar in them, but it might be possible to substitute artificial sweetener. Also, the bread base could be whole wheat flour or even oatmeal. These things are good to eat. Homemade generally contains more vitamins than store bought.

Creativity can make even vegetables palatable. Stir fried vegetables are often more palatable than raw vegetables, and it is possible to include veggies in tastier dishes. Make vegetable soup or mix broccoli into cheesy rice. There are plenty of ways to make them want to.

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