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Balancing Work and Play: Making Time for Your Children

In today’s fast paced world it can be hard carving out quality time for your children. Everyone has different schedules and sometimes it’s hard to even eat together let alone spend time together right? I have two kids and a busy career and the hardest thing to do sometimes is slow down, take a breath, and just be.

We have learned long ago with children it is not the quantity of time spent but the quality of time. In our family we set time aside to do crafts. My daughter is a huge crafter so I will buy little things for her to make. Not only does she get to use her imagination, but we really get bonding time over glitter and glue.

Also we set up the kitchen so the kids can help with dinner. You have to eat anyway so why not let the kids help. Children gain independence in fixing their own meals and they open up and start talking about their day without realizing it. We have had many great conversations over the kitchen counter.

These are just a few suggestions, but if you even take five minutes and walk around the block with your child you will be amazed at the bonding that emerges.
More info here: Building Self-Reliance in Your Children

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