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Be Present: Don’t Miss Out on Your Child’s Life

There’s something to be said about knowing that your parents have always been around. When you have a parent that is truly invested in what you are doing, it makes a difference in your effort and determination to do well and succeed. This could be something as simple as sports or more serious undertakings like academics and professional aspirations.

So what could being a present parent mean for your child? For starters, it can help them to understand that you love and appreciate what they are doing. Sometimes this means more to a child than anything, just the knowledge that their parents are proud of them.

Two negative things can result from your absence or apathy. The first will be that your children, starved for your positive attention, will begin to act out to get any kind of attention at all. This is usually a pattern of escalation.

If they are not getting your attention and your approval, they will likely begin to consider other avenues of getting this approval. This can lead to behavior like joining gangs, falling in line with criminals, or getting into bad romantic relationships.

There has never been a bigger responsibility than to be a parent. Some people do not understand the importance of being a parent that is there, and doesn’t miss out on vital aspects of a child’s life. Taking this initiative can be vital to your child’s development and their future.

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