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I wanted to invite you all to a little Holiday Boutique to help you get ready for Christmas. My friend asked me to bring  my Lil’ Star Boutique items to be part of this get together. I’m honored and of course excited, but wanted to be sure to let those of you know who live in SLC. I will be having a big sale on all items, just so you know.


The holidays are around the corner. Come get prepared for parties, celebrations and gift exchanges for everyone on your list.

Featuring Stella & Dot jewelry and handbags, Scentsy warmers, gifts and scents, Endless Glow spray tanning by Audrey, and Lil’ Star Boutique- a wonderful line of handmade accessories for women and children.

Bring a friend!

Sarah Armstrong


Wednesday, November 16 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


In the mean time I do have a few sales going on right now.

  • Get 15% off all items when you use this code at check out: NOVSALE
  • 3 pack of Leggings are now marked down to $12 (were $18)

  • Free shipping on all orders over $60
  • Day Planners marked down to $35 (were $45)


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Oh my gosh, I’m in love with how these little sashes turned out. This is another creation by my wonderful mother and me. You can find them in the Lil’ Star Boutique for $17.

Can you tell I like flowers and ruffles? :)

These sashes tie in the back so it can fit most sizes of little girls. If you want one for a baby then you’ll have to specify in the notes so that we can make it miniature :) The flower is a clip on brooch so you can remove it and use different colors to match specific outfits. They all come with one flower, but more colors are sold separately. You can even request a specific color in the notes if you’d like.


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These days it’s getting harder and harder to find anything that fits right. It’s either too tight around the waist and digs into my sides making it look as though I’m pregnant with triplets! One baby in the middle and the other two hanging out on my hips.

I went searching for SOMETHING  to save me from this horrible nightmare. Then suddenly I realized what my solution was…


Who ever invented these babies MUST have been pregnant at the time. They are the perfect pants for the ever growing figure.

So in my search for the perfect pair of drawstring pants, I came across Island Importer which is actually a website that sells wedding apparel. But don’t click away just yet, this is where I found the CUTEST pair of drawstring pants.

But wait! It gets even better!

Usually I’ll buy a pair of pants online only to find out they are either too short or too long, ugh! Nothing worse than having to go through the hassle of shipping something back and trying to get a refund. That’s one of the downfalls of online shopping I guess. So anyway, this company actually custom makes your pants. You simply fill out your measurements when ordering!


These pants also come in a ton of different colors too. I got me a pair of the brown AND the gray which I love :)

I also got a pair of their cute yoga pants, because it’s all about comfort.

“ANYTHING STRETCHY”  Is my motto when pregnant.

Doesn’t my butt look AWESOME!

Ha! Yah right, in my dreams. I thought about posting a picture of me wearing these, but then I quickly changed my mind. My butt while pregnant is like two of these put together… and with a bit more sag.


Yes, someday, I’ll be back to my regular size.

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Haven’t you found there never to be cute maternity clothes when you’re pregnant? It seems like when ever I’m NOT pregnant I see all kinds of cute maternity options which gets me all excited about being pregnant again. Well, I’m having no luck these days, so I’ve decided to just buy large in regular clothes.

Down East Basics seems to be the perfect place for me to shop. Everything is stretchy and comfy which is what it’s all about when you’re body is growing larger by the minute. I’m always impressed by how stylish their clothes are, not to mention VERY affordable, everything priced at around $30 or less. It seem like they’re coming out with new clothes every month which I love! It’s nice to get on their website and see that there’s always something new to choose from.

Here are a few of my recent finds.

These shorts are maternity. I got them from Lilac Clothing, which is a little pricey when you buy online, but they were selling them at Costco for way less last month.

I just LOVE cardigans! They are a perfect way to create the illusion of a curvy waist, which is something I don’t have right now.

And here’s a few recent pics we got taken last week for this years family pics. To see the pics of our kids, you can add me as a friend on Facebook :) I got this shirt from Charlotte Russe.

I got the shorts from Gap Maternity.

Oh, and pretty please “like” my picture over at Hapari on Facebook. I’ve entered their contest to win $2500 and a trip to Florida :) All you have to do to enter is email them a picture of you in one of their swim suits.

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Lately I’ve really been into the cuff bracelets. They are just so darn cute, and in my opinion, way more comfortable since they stay in one place.

Here are some of my recent finds. Unfortunately the lady I bought them from does not have a website. I do know that a lot of boutiques are selling them now, one of them being The Sweetest Thingz. Don’t know if they are AS cute as the ones I found, but they come close :)

I actually going started making some of my own and maybe even some baby ones for my little baby on the way. You can find them HERE. It’s not official that I’m having a girl, but I just THINK I am :) I should be finding out within the next few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted. I will also be sure to post some pics of the cuff bracelets I come up with using my crafty skills.

Check these out!

If you want to win a couple of cute decorative pillows, be sure to enter my giveaway that ends in 2 days.

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To all you balanced moms out there who love all the latest fashion trends but want them at a reasonable price you will love the store Bohme Boutique. One of my long time friends Fernanda Bohme is the owner of this fabulous new store.

Back in 2002-2003 I was a college student at SLCC. I attended this program with Fernanda.  We put on our graduation fashion show in the spring of 2003. Of course all of us aspiring fashion designer/merchandiser/buyers had big dreams that we would go on to be big fashionistas, but most of us ended up in retail. One year after graduation I was walking by Cache at the Fashion Place mall when I noticed my college buddy.  I went in the store and asked her how she liked working there and she said she loved it.  So I began working there and still do to this day.  Fernanda would always talk about opening her own store, but having worked in the business for so long I knew this would be an extreme task. Sure enough after a year of hard work in 2008 Fernanda and her sister opened their first store.

About Bohme

Fernanda and Vivien (sisters) are adding more bling to life.  Their hip new boutique offers a collection of the latest styles in denim and tops for women.  Bohme sets itself apart by offering above and beyond customer service.  Since it’s first store opening in 2008, Bohme Boutique has grown into 5 locations.

Fashion Place Mall, SLC
Gateway Mall, SLC
University Mall, Orem
Layton Hills Mall, Layton
Red Cliffs Mall, St. George

Fernanda has so graciously offered an exclusive 25% off your entire purchase to all our Balanced mommies!  Thanks Fernanda!
Click HERE to print.

You can also check out her website for more offers at or befriend her on facebook.

Happy Shopping Ladies!

Crystal I will also send you the email with the coupon in it from Fernanda, and if you haven’t already checked out her store it is so cute and really reasonably priced.  Thanks Sarina

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Lately I’ve been laying around all day feeling nauseous and having barely enough energy to take care of my kids. This is the time where I think to myself, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO????
Or better yet, what did SEAN get me into. What a jerk right :)
I’m kidding Sean :) I love your finger paintings.
*That’s a line from Happy Gilmore incase you were confused. I kind of like to quote movies.

So anyway, yesterday I ventured out into the world after being home bound for the last few weeks. I went and got a pedicure and manicure, then did a little shopping. Nothing like a little pampering followed with some money spending to make me forget about the morning sickness.

The Sweetest Thingz was where I landed and ended up finding some GREAT deals! They’ve got a sale going on AND having a little Ladies Night special happening tomorrow night. Here’s the details.

“Join us this friday, for Girl’s night out 5-10 p.m. Mother’s day event.
If you Grab your Mom or bring anyone who’s a mom you both will recieve a free gift with any purchase!!!
We are also going to give a free pair of our super cute rainboots with every $50.00 purchase! (while supplies last) so come early for best selection and sizes!
As well as an additional free item off of the clearance rack if you spend $100.00.
Also buy one get one 1/2 off on all jeans and capri’s; including Rock Revivals and MEKS.
We also have sales going on around the store for this night
This is a perfect oppurtunity to get your mom a mother’s day gift she will love!!!
and as always we will have yummy kneaders treats!!!
Love to see you there!!!”

Here are just a few of the things I got, I was too tired to get dressed up and take pictures of everything :)

I got these adorable shoes for $29.95

I got this cute shrug for $19.95, the dress for $39.95 and the hat for $14.95. This dress is perfect for a growing midsection :)

Also got Sean a pair of jeans and shorts. Look how sexy these shorts are!

And here’s a couple pictures of some other things they have.

Happy Shopping!!!
By the way, if there is anything you want from The Sweetest Thingz and don’t live nearby, then just contact Allison on facebook and she said she’s be willing to ship items to you.

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These cute feather hair accessories are quite the popular thing these days. Ever since my friend gave me some to try out I’ve started noticing them everywhere. I wonder if it has anything to do with Steve Tyler on American Idol? Hmmm…

I put some in Lily’s hair and she loves it…

And tried some in my friend Andrea’s hair. Don’t you just love how these colors stand out in her pretty dark hair?

These are actually made from roosters tails. You apply them just like extensions, which I’ve blogged about before. You can keep them in your hair for up to 2 months. When they start to grow out you can just reattach them back to the base with a new micro bead. Wash, dry, curl, or straighten. They will hold up just like regular hair.

You can find these on She has all sorts of color selections, usually sold in bundles of 12 for $26. Check out this website to see the her whole selection.

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I’ve blogged about Hapari before because they have the cutest and best fitting swimwear around, and since I now have a 30 year old mom body, tankinis are the way I roll :)

“Hapari Swimwear enhances the curves you love and hides the curves you don’t. We make modest swimwear and tankinis that are stylish and comfortable for all body types. With Hapari’s new line of tankini swimwear we’ve improved upon the things women have traditionally disliked about modest swimsuits. Using our special style tabs, every tankini can be worn 3 different ways; halter, tank and criss cross. Women’s swimwear is our specialty. Shop figure flattering tankinis, one piece swimsuits, bikinis, and bottoms. We have the perfect swimwear for you!”

Today I get the opportunity to host a giveaway for them.
The prize is a $96 gift card!!!!!

Let me just show you how cute these babies are. Here are the ones I already have.

 I just love the skirts but my favorite are the tummy tuck bottoms.  The Tummy Tuk� band helps keep your figure and provides extra coverage for your midsection.

And here are the ones I want.

Now for your chance to win one of these!!!


To enter the giveaway, just share one of these links below. You can post it on your facebook wall, tweet it or blog it.  Then come back here and comment on this post with the URL where the link to Hapari can be found. Once this is done you have entered into the giveaway!


You can leave additional comments for each thing you do from the list below.

* Share my blog with your friends on Facebook. Copy and paste this link:

* Follow or subscribe to this blog either through google friend connect, networked blogs, or email.

* “Like” Hapari on Facebook.

* “Like” Balanced Moms on Facebook.

* Enter my other giveaway I have going on right now.

Giveaway ends March 29th. The winner will be chosen using I will contact the winner via email so be sure to leave your email address with your comment so I have a way of contacting you.

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Lots of fun new things I want to share with you today, and since I’m 30 now I thought it very necessary to start dressing like I’m 30.

Okay I’m kidding. There’s really no difference in how I’m dressing,  just thought I’d find an excuse for yet another shopping spree :)

First I’m going to show you a few things I got from the Vintage Inspired Modest Women’s Clothing by Impel.  They’ve got a great sale going on TODAY ONLY too, so hurry over and buy what you want.

You all know how much I love the Lace tops. Those are actually regular price, but all of the Basic Tee’s are only $7 (usually $26), so I bought like every color.  Pink, Green, Blue, White. You can never go wrong with the basic tee’s, they go with everything.
Cap Sleeve Laying T-Shirt Clearance

I also got this cute  short sleeve side button sweater
For $26

Oh my gosh, and don’t you just LOVE these Jeans !!!!! They’ve got a bunch of the stretchy fabric ones.
I mean who wears regular denim fabric anymore. Stretchy is a MUST :) Gotta be able to fit in your jeans EVEN when you’re bloated right :) The best part about these jeans is they are only $47!!!! That is incredible!!!!!

Belted boyfriend cardigan 
This is another sale item, only $10!!!!!

They’ve got some really cute jewelry too. This Black glass pendant with bow
is my favorite. Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!

This shirt I actually got for my birthday from my BFF :) She got it from my favorite store at the Fashion Place Mall in Salt Lake City Utah called Bohm!!! Thank you Brenda, I LOVE it!!!! They also have some really cute jewelry right now. Here is a necklace and some earrings I got.

Now these shoes are my favorite part of it all!!!!! I’m in LOVE!!!!
They were actually a little pricey, but hey, it was my birthday so it’s all good :)
Sam Edelman Nalo Sandal $149
Don’t mind my freakishly long toes. I was trying really hard to scrunch them in for the picture.

And I would love these too, but I think I spend enough for one day.

                                                           Betsey Johnson Tammiee Flat

I got these shoes from Target. I really LOVE the color and they are such a fun new style.

My new shoes will go great with my new Cortez cuff bracelet I got. It’s on sale for $47 (normally $118)

Okay I’m done shopping for now :) Now it’s your turn.

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