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We’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks doing all kinds of fun Halloween activities and I wanted to share them with you. Most of them I found in the family fun magazine, love that thing.

Painted Pumkin Eggs

Notice they are in their swim suits in the middle of October. That’s St. George for ya, hence the reason we invested in that home down there. Gotta love the weather.

For this project we just used hard boiled eggs, acrylic paint, and some glitter glue. You can even use them for a little Halloween egg hunt.


Chocolate Covered Bones

What you’ll need: Pretzels, mini marshmellows, and white chocolate chips.

First, stick the marshmellows on both sides of the pretzels.

Melt the chocolate chips.

Then dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate.

And let cool for a couple hours. These are SO yummy too!!!

Mummy Meatloaf

Just whip up your favorite meatloaf recipe…

Before baking the meatloaf, shape it into a mummy with folded arms and all.

After it’s all cooked, then top it with strips of white american cheese soon after removing from the oven. This way the cheese will melt just slightly.

Then just add some olives for the eyes.

Scary Spaghetti Squash

It’s supposed to look like bloody guts :)

First stab the squash a few times, then bake for 1 hour at 375 degrees.

Once it’s done you can slice it in half, pull out the seeds, then start scraping out the insides.

Then spoon on the blood…

or spaghetti sauce if you’re all out of blood.

Have a happy and safe and SCARY Halloween!!!!


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We celebrated Lily’s birthday this week. I planned it a week early hoping to catch the nice weather we’ve had lately. But unfortunately Fall decided to join us the day of the party. We were going to have pony rides in our back yard and Princess Amerah. The pony rides didn’t work out, but we had a blast with Princess Amerah.

Hello Kitty cupcakes.

And fun little witches broom party favors that Lily and I made together.

These were actually a lot of fun to make. First we went on a little scavenger hunt looking for the perfect size sticks for the broom. Then we cut the paper lunch sacks together. Lily insisted on putting the rubber bands and bat rings on all of them herself. Here’s how to make them.


  • Collect sticks about 2 feet long.
  • You’ll need two paper sacks for each broom. Fill one bag up with candy and dollor toys.
  • Cut the bottom off of the other sack, then cut thin vertical strips, leaving about 3 inches of the bag uncut towards the top.
  • Slide the second bag (the one that’s cut) over the top of the candy bag.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the top, not too tight.
  • Then gently slide the stick into the bag, be careful not to rip the sack.
  • Add a spider or bat ring around the rubber band.

And here’s a little belly picture for you, well I guess it’s not so little :) . These days I’m feeling HUGE!!! I’ve got 8 more weeks left, can that be possible?

Now I’ve got a little gift for you. Princess Amerah gave me an extra copy of her book so I would like to give it to one of YOU! Just leave me a comment below and I will randomly select one of you. The one I select will get a copy of this awesome childrens book about Princess Amerah’s magic dress.

You can purchase a copy of the book HERE.

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Ever have those days where your kids keep nagging you about how bored they are? You give them plenty of ideas of things they can do, but for some reason nothing sounds fun to them.

Well here’s an idea that my help.

This game has been the most popular in our family so far. My kids can’t get enough of it. It’s a little fishing game I made after seeing a similar one in the nursery at my church.

Each child gets a turn to catch a fish and on the back side I’ve written different activities we can do.  The best thing to do is brain storm first, search the internet for ideas and make a list.

For example:

Play hide and go seek


Play house

Read books

Play Barbies

Play board games


Ride bikes

Play play dough

Paint fingernails and toe nails

You get the idea. I think it’s the perfect game to play on those long days when you don’t have much planned. Sunday’s are usually that kind of day for us.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Google free printable fish pictures, then print them off.
  • C0lor them all with your kids.
  • Write a different activity on the back of each fish.
  • Cut them out.
  • Laminate them.
  • Cut them out again.
  • Add a paper clip to each one.
  • Find a long stick you can use as a fishing pole. A small tree branch would work just fine.
  • Tie a piece of yarn or thin rope to it.
  • Hot glue a magnet to the end of the rope.



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I remember how fascinated I was with mermaids growing up, especially after seeing The Little Mermaid. I would spend hours at the pool pretending to be a mermaid and swimming around with both legs together trying to imitate a mermaid tail.  One of these little things would have been a dream come true!

When I told Lily I was getting her one  she literally could not sleep that night she was so excited. She asked me every day when it was going to come. Then finally when it did she immediately put it on and asked if she could swim around in our hot tub. 

I even thought about buying myself one of these :)

Here’s Lily with her shimmery purple mermaid tail.

Now I get to give away one of these to a lucky winner!!!

To see more tails click on the “finfun” website here. The winners will be able to pick their tails from what is available on the finfun ebay site here (Custom orders and limited edition tails aren’t included in this giveaway).

There are three ways to enter to win:
{note: you can do all three of these giving you three different chances to win, leave a separate comment for each one you do… your chances of winning will increase}

1) Leave a comment telling me why you want one of these mermaid tails.
2) “Like” Fin Fun Mermaid tails on Facebook (their page is here) and then come back and leave a comment that you did it.
3) Become a follower of their blog (their blog is here) then come leave a comment here.

4) Share this on facebook, twitter, or your own blog.


So, four ways to win one of these mermaid tails. And really, who wouldn’t want one of these??

I’ll announce the winner next Friday 9/22.

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Here’s an easy magic trick your kids will LOVE!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Two colors of card stock paper.
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen
  4. Tape
  5. Small glass
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Penny or quarter

Cut one color of card stock into a rectangle shape, then use the small cup and pen to measure a circle (using same color as rectangle), to glue on the top of the cup. I used a glue stick because it sticks, but can also be washed off later.  With the other color card stock make a cylynder that’s big enough to cover the cup.

Here’s how it works.

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I got this cute idea from the Family Fun Magazine. All you need is some fresh strawberries, whipped cream cheese frosting, and some blue spinkles. They are so yummy too!!!!

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We’ve started a little early with the whole Easter egg dyeing fun.

Then we made a cute little nest using an idea out of the Family Fun Magazine.

What you’ll need:

* sticks and twigs

* brown paper sack

* glue

* paper plate

Go outside with the kids and collect little sticks, bark, and twigs. Then tear up some pieces of the brown paper sack, crinkle it up, and glue it onto the paper plate. Then glue the sticks and twigs on top of the crinkled up paper sack.

So simple and so fun!!!!

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So what are your Valentines day plans? Sean and I usually go out a couple days early because getting reservations at a restaurant is pretty much ridiculous! My sweet sexy husband planned for us to get massages over the weekend!!!
I so needed it too.
I’ve been letting stress get the best of me these days. It’s funny too because I stress about stupid things like dealing with bad drivers, waiting in long lines, or when I can’t figure out this da** website stuff.
I’ve started a new goal for this month (each month I’m focusing on something new to learn).  My goal is to move my blog over to WordPress and I’m literally going NUTS over it. Seriously, I thought I was pretty tech savvy, but apparently I’ve got a long ways to go. And I’m not the type of person that can just walk away and try again later. I will try until I’ve got steam coming out my nose and ears.

I’ve finally given in and decided to pay someone to do it.  So stay tuned for more info on that as well as the reveal of a new blog layout here on this site. I’ll be sure to share what I’m learning in WordPress for those of you who may be thinking about starting up a blog or migrating over from blogger.
Oh and just a heads up, if you are subscribed to my blog you MAY get lost in the transition. My URL will still be the same, so you’ll always be able to find me at www.wannabebalanced.com. Just know that you might need to resubscribe, we’ll see how it all comes together. I’m a little nervous about it, but I think in the end it will be a much better website and even easier to navigate.

I would love a little feedback too. What are your favorite topics on my blog? What would you like to  more of?
Trying to decide what should be the 4 main topics in my navigation bar.

*Video blogs
*Video tutorials
*Beauty tips
*Home and Garden
*Organizational tips
*Weight loss
*Success tips for your home based business
*My life lessons and stories

On another note, here’s a fun idea I got from the Family Fun Magazine.

What you’ll need:

*Rice crispies, butter, and marshmellows.
*Food coloring
*Decorating icing
*Heart shaped cookie cutters

I couldn’t help but let Oliver lick the frosting off. It was too cute!

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Here’s a fun and delicious activity you can do with your kids for Valentines Day. I found this idea in the Family Fun magazine and really enjoyed doing it!

What you’ll need:

*Wooden skewers (get green ones, or you can use food coloring to dye them green)
*Pink Chocolate Melts Wilton Pink Candy Melts, 14-Ounce
*Fresh Mint

First melt the chocolate (follow directions on the package).

Put the strawberries on the skewer and dip them in the chocolate.
Spray your pan with a nonstick spray and let the strawberries set until chocolate is hardened.
And walah!!!You’ve got yourself a beautiful edible flower arrangement. Yum!

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