Lately I’ve been doing lots of shopping for the baby. You’d think I have most of what I need since I already have 2 kids, but for some reason I’ve got quite a few things on my list of things to get before baby. I’ll show you all the things I’ve bought recently.

First are new car seats. I’m not a minivan kind of girl, although they are way more practical. I’m having a hard time finding the space in my car for 3 car seats so I found these compact car seats that look like they just might work.

I don’t need 3 of them, but I bought one on Amazon for $183 which was the cheapest I found. So I’m going to see if I can fit my graco infant carrier, with one of these Sunshine Kids car seats, then I found this Evenflo no back booster car seat at Target  ($30)  for Lily. Looks pretty compact. So I’ll have to see if I can fit all 3 of these on one row.

I also got this little Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper that a friend told me about. It has an inclined seat, which makes sleeping more comfortable for babies and helps with colic. This is what I’m going to use at my bedside.

Both of the baby swings I did have, broke, so I’m looking around for one of those too. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

I also found these great new products for babies. It’s called Hot Tot, and they are a company that provides all kinds of organic hair and skin care products for babies. Here’s some info from the website.

“Hot Tot’s formulas are made with individually selected organic and naturally sourced ingredients to optimize the performance of every product. Our formulas were created with tots in mind and are gentle enough to be used on children with sensitive skin, cradle cap, eczema and allergies.”

I’m all about products that avoid harsh chemicals, especially when it comes to my babies. These seem to be like great products, and smell yummy too!

Now here’s a few websites that have some great deals going on right now.

First is They are giving away free baby slings if you use this coupon code: BABIES

You only have to pay shipping.

I just got myself one. Here’s the one I picked.

Next you also get these Utter Covers for free when using this coupon code: SEVEN

Just pay shipping and handling. Here’s the one I got.

Next is Baby Steals and Kids Steals. These are awesome websites. Each day they post something new you can buy for usually half the retail price. Today my friend and I got to be their models :) Check out baby steals to see the pics. Here are a couple of them.

Here’s my gorgeous friend Monique.


This is the only cute one of me on there, haha. I think I look crappy in all of them, wish they would have just cut off my head in the rest of them.

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