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I never thought I’d be the homeschooling type. Always admired the people who did it, but to be honest, I was looking forward to the time when all my kids would be in school. I’d daydream about the many things I’d ACTUALLY get to do.

Older people are always telling us, “Enjoy this time while your kids are young. It goes by so fast”.  Well this has been a hard thing for me to fully grasp I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore my kids, but what I’m trying to say is that I still find myself saying things like, I just want to get the pregnancy over with, can’t wait to be done nursing, can’t wait til he/she’s done teething, crawling, walking, potty trained, ect.  My attitude about motherhood isn’t always where I want it to be. Sometimes it’s more like WORK instead of something I truly enjoy.

I think as time goes on, I’m learning to more fully appreciate my role as a mother.  I’m not sure how, maybe it’s just one of those things in life where you begin to realize what you’ve been missing out on.  My biggest fear is waking up one day and having regrets about not spending enough time with my children.

Once it’s over, it’s over.

So with this fear and the thought of Lily being in school ALL day next year made me realize that the time really IS going by fast and it’s only going to go faster once she’s gone all day, has homework, dance, soccer, piano, ect. When would I ever get that time with her? It just doesn’t seem realistic in my opinion.

The thought of homeschool kept coming up. I’ve spent time over the past couple years entertaining the idea and researching it a bit, but fear kept me from actually making a decision.  Some of my thoughts included:

What if she hates it?

I don’t want to be the one solely responsible for her education…

Lily doesn’t like to listen to me…

She loves school and is incredibly social. She’d hate being home all the time.

What if she misses out on important social interaction…

Everyone will think I’m weird…

We’ll be the only ones in the neighborhood doing it…

Lily will be left out and won’t get invited to birthday parties and playdates…

I’ll never have time to myself…

It will be too stressful, especially trying to do it with more than one child…

So these thoughts kept creeping in which made me so wishy washy about the whole thing. I was just too chicken to commit to it.

I’ve always been the type that likes to be where the party is. And homeschooling didn’t seem to be “where the party is”. I think one of my biggest struggles in life is the unnecessary need to be accepted, liked, and part of the crowd. But I’m learning how to overcome that, and I think one of the best ways to overcome it, is to really DO what I feel I should do without second thought of what others will think.

So, anyway, the fear of the unknown was holding me back. I thought, well maybe I’ll homeschool her for 1st or second grade since Kindergarten is only 3 hours a day. Then suddenly it happened… it was like night and day. I woke up one day and was ready to make the commitment. I just had no doubt in my mind anymore. I still had a little fear dwelling, but I KNEW this was what I needed to do.

As I’ve spent time researching about homeschool I’ve come to find out the many benefits it offers both me and my children.

First of all you can get all your school work done in about 3 hours, then the rest of the day you get to just explore, be creative, go on fun educational field trips, develop a talent, play with friends, and most importantly, be with family.

“To be creative, an individual must be free to chart his or her own course” -Ira Brodsky

I remember feeling tired and stressed out a lot back when I was in school. I never felt smart and didn’t know what any of my talents were. How could I have, there was never any time to figure out what they were. I also don’t remember a single thing I learned. None of it stuck in my brain. I can read, write and do basic math, but anything beyond that has been left wandering around somewhere in my brain, or maybe even found it’s way out somehow.

Here is a list of some homeschooling facts that helped me make my decision.

The bold text is from www.pahomeschool.com, followed by my own thoughts.

*Parents have more quality time to train and influence their children.
Isn’t that what we really want?

*There is opportunity for each child to receive individualized attention and instruction.
I think I would have done really well if I had more individualized attention from my teachers. But it’s really not possible when you’re in a class with 20 other students.

*Children develop respect for parents as teachers.
I’d hope so, since teaching our children really is our responsibility.

*Spending more time together increases family unity and closeness.
I’ve already seen a difference in how Oliver and Lily are getting along. There has been much less fighting. Even between Lily and I, sounds funny to say, but we are fighting less too :)

*It provides a good environment for development of confidence and independent thinking.
Now this gets me really excited. We all want our children to grow up feeling confident and to develop into the amazing person they were meant to be.

*There is enhanced communication between all age groups due to the diversified learning environment.
There are so many different classes for homeschoolers, and most of them are groups of all ages. I love that she is interacting with younger and older children as well as some her own age. I can see how this would be a good thing. She learns from the older and has the opportunity to teach the younger.

*Home-schooled students demonstrate excellent academic progress.
I’ve been reading a ton of books on homeschooling and each book shares the statistics on the acedemic success of homeschoolers.

*School hours are flexible to accommodate family schedules and vacations.
PERFECT, since we just bought that home in St. George. Now we can actually go when ever the heck we feel like it and stay as long as we want :)

Here are a few testimonials I found on pahomeschool.com. Comes from a teenagers perspective.

“First of all, I can accomplish so much more in a day. It has been stated that every six hours of institutional school is equal to two hours of home-school; so that gives me more time to involve myself in not only academics but also Bible study, research, writing, voice lessons, piano playing, oil painting, and sports, as well as learning and using home economic skills.

Second, in answer to the question most asked of home-schoolers, “But what do you do for a social life?” I’ve met my best friends at our home-school support group. There are also church and sports activities where I interact with others – not only my age, but older and younger too. I feel my energies are spared the draining effect of peer pressures that I have experienced in the past in an institutional school. I have channeled that energy into learning different skills that I will be needing when I graduate and am on my way into the real world and life.

Third, we have more opportunities to take educational field trips. Over the past six years, we’ve taken trips to historic Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Boston, and Lexington. We’ve also gone on a five-week camping trip to the western United States, during which time we not only worked on our studies; but we were able to see our history and geography lessons come alive. Many never get the opportunity to see some of these things. Within our own state our family has visited the Valley Forge National Historical Park and toured Philadelphia, as well as many other fascinating places.

Fourth, a “social life” every day can be bad for children in schools. From my experience at school, I know that there are students who are the “picked-on” ones and are damaged by the social life. In home-school, not only are children spared unnecessary harassment by peers, but they have the positive advantage of learning to relate to their parents and other adults on a full-time basis. This is good because they will be spending the rest of their lives relating to adults.”

I understand that homeschooling is not right for all parents and all children. People have different education goals and needs. Homeschool is what I’ve chosen, and  I believe it will help my children learn how to study and think independently, and give them opportunities to explore their own interests at their own pace. We’ve been doing it for two weeks now, and already I’m feeling more fulfilled as a mother. I go to bed each night feeling so good about the day and the time I was able to spend with them. I’ve also really enjoyed being a part of Lily’s learning. There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement on her face as she’s learning to read and write words.

To be continued…

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“Everyone Says Childbirth Is The Most Painful Experience, Yet Thousands Of Women Birth ConfidentlyComfortably and Without Pain.”

Well that’s comforting. Natuaral Childbirth WITHOUT pain?

I’ve heard plenty of good things about hypnobirthing and thought I better give it a try. I looked around online and found a great birth relaxation kit that I’ve started using the last couple of weeks. And I even found this one to be the best price compared to the other kits out there.

It’s supposed to help eliminate fear which is what I desperately need, and teach you deep relaxation techniques.

“Through hypnosis, positive affirmations, and deeply relaxing music with subliminal messages, you can unlearn and eliminate fears about childbirth ingrained in you from years of negative media portrayal. You will birth confidently as you tap into your natural and intuitive knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and mothering…

Once you eliminate fears and gain the ability to relax when you want, your body will be in the most receptive state to have an easier, faster and more comfortable birth.”


Every night before I go to sleep I’ve been listening to these audios with my ipod, I even got Sean to listen to one with me :) and I’m already feeling better about the idea of going natural.

I’ve always been a little skeptical about hypnosis, mostly because I once tried to be hypnotized and it didn’t work at all. I was with my sisters and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time, I was only 12, so maybe that had something to do with it :) . Well, the more I’ve read up on it, the more I believe that it can help with many aspects of life.  Listening to these positive affirmations regularly can train your brain to think differently.

Here are some interesting facts on hypnosis.


Hypnosis F.A.Q.


Does Hypnosis Really Reduce Pain In Childbirth?


Yes!  Study after study shows that hypnosis combined with childbirth education leads to positive birth outcomes! Women use less epidurals….little or no painkillers….rated lower pain scores….have a much shorter first stage of labor!


Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?


Yes!  Have you ever driven to work without thinking how you got there? You knew the route so well that you could lose yourself in thought? That is hypnosis! You actually experience this “trance” several times a day, while cooking, cleaning, working, or driving. When you do a guided or self hypnosis session, you are simply achieving this “trance” state on purpose. In the “trance” state, you can focus on positive messages and images that will help you achieve this is real-life!


How Does Hypnosis Work for Childbirth?


When you are in that “trance” state or that profound state of relaxation, you are very open to suggestions and learning.  It is in that state that you can unlearn fears you may have about pain, long labor or other concerns!  Using guided imagery during hypnosis will help you envision your birth experience exactly how you want it to be.  When you focus your subconscious mind on something while in a hypnotic state, such as a positive birth, you will achieve your outcome!  Practicing guided imagery or hypnosis regularly during pregnancy will stop the fear-tension-pain cycle that is so common during childbirth!


Is Hypnosis The Same As Sleep?


Hypnosis is different from sleep.  Hypnosis is similar to the alpha state you experience when you are crossing over from awake to asleep at night, or asleep to awake in the morning.  When you enter a hypnotic state, you are in a state of profound relaxation. But you are still conscious of everything that is going on around you!


Is A Person Who Is Hypnotized Still In Control?


Yes! At all times!  Sometimes people associate hypnosis with those silly antics where the hypnotist on stage makes someone bark or act like a monkey.  This is far from the case!All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.  In other words, you choose to relax, you choose to deepen that relaxation and you choose to be open to suggestion.   When you are in a hypnotic state, you are fully conscious and in control of your mind and body.  The hypnotist or hypnotherapist is simply an experienced guide.

For more information on this Birth Relaxation kit just go to www.birthrelaxationkit.com or find them on Facebook.

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So what do you think of my new website? I’ve been trying for months to get this thing just the way I want it. Finally I was able to find someone to do it, thank you Kristen.

Today I wanted to give you a little tour and show you all the changes I’ve made. My goal was to make my website more organized and easier to find certain categories. So as you can see I’ve changed up the navigation bar a bit. I’ve  put all my main categories there so you can easily find what you’re most interested in. Before I go into each category I wanted to let you know I’ve also added a great new feature for anyone who would like to subscribe but don’t really want to get an email every time I post something new :) If you subscribe on this page (the home page), then you will receive an email once every Sunday with all my posts for the previous week. If there is one specific category you are most interested in, then you’ll have the option to subscribe only to posts relating to that category. Isn’t that great!

Also I’ve added this little “recent posts” strip so you can click on the one you’re most interested in without having to scroll all the way down to find it.

The first category is “Life of a Wanna Be”. Obviously this category is just things I write about that has to do with my life. Not sure if it’s even that interesting, but there it is in case you want to read about my life as a wannabe balanced mom.

Here’s what that page looks like.

And as you can see, once you’re on a category there is a subcategory navigation bar for you to narrow it down even more.

Now here’s what the Weight Loss page looks like.

This is where you’ll find all posts on our most favorite subject…

Weight Loss, Yay!

I’m kidding, I know this isn’t necessarily our most FAVORITE, but I do know it’s one of the most talked about subjects among women.

Here’s is the Fashion & Beauty page.

Here’s the Home Making page.

This page probably has the most subcategories because, let’s face it… making a house a home involves a crap load of stuff. Including avoiding words like “crap”. Another cool feature that I forgot to mention is that, once you’re on a new page/category, you’ll see that the “recent posts” change. The recent posts that are showing are now ones that are only relating to the category. Pretty awesome eh!

Here’s the Momprenuer page.

 This one is for all you ladies that are trying to run a business and be a mom at the same time. As you all know I’m kind of a “momprenuer” myself so I like to share tips on how to grow your business and stay motivated.

Last but not least, I’ve added a Shop in which I call Lil’ Star Boutique, named after Lily and our new little one on the way. Her middle name is Star.

It’s still in the works, but it should be up and running within the next couple days. This page is where you’ll find my Wanna Be Balanced Day Planners as well as a few other creations I’ve come up with in my spare time. My mom is an incredible seamstress and trying to earn some extra money to go back to school. So I told her I would be the designer if she would do all the sewing. So basically I get to do all the fun stuff like picking the fabric and adding all the embelishments. We’ve got lots of baby clothes made already and I will be featuring them as soon as I get more pics taken and finish getting this page all set up. You’ll be able to add things to a shopping cart (shopping cart is located in the sidebar), and easily check out using pay pal.

Still working out the kinks, so bare with me as I finish things up.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Ends this Thursday.

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Lately I’ve been doing lots of shopping for the baby. You’d think I have most of what I need since I already have 2 kids, but for some reason I’ve got quite a few things on my list of things to get before baby. I’ll show you all the things I’ve bought recently.

First are new car seats. I’m not a minivan kind of girl, although they are way more practical. I’m having a hard time finding the space in my car for 3 car seats so I found these compact car seats that look like they just might work.

I don’t need 3 of them, but I bought one on Amazon for $183 which was the cheapest I found. So I’m going to see if I can fit my graco infant carrier, with one of these Sunshine Kids car seats, then I found this Evenflo no back booster car seat at Target  ($30)  for Lily. Looks pretty compact. So I’ll have to see if I can fit all 3 of these on one row.

I also got this little Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper that a friend told me about. It has an inclined seat, which makes sleeping more comfortable for babies and helps with colic. This is what I’m going to use at my bedside.

Both of the baby swings I did have, broke, so I’m looking around for one of those too. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

I also found these great new products for babies. It’s called Hot Tot, and they are a company that provides all kinds of organic hair and skin care products for babies. Here’s some info from the website.

“Hot Tot’s formulas are made with individually selected organic and naturally sourced ingredients to optimize the performance of every product. Our formulas were created with tots in mind and are gentle enough to be used on children with sensitive skin, cradle cap, eczema and allergies.”

I’m all about products that avoid harsh chemicals, especially when it comes to my babies. These seem to be like great products, and smell yummy too!

Now here’s a few websites that have some great deals going on right now.

First is Sevenslings.com. They are giving away free baby slings if you use this coupon code: BABIES

You only have to pay shipping.

I just got myself one. Here’s the one I picked.

Next you also get these Utter Covers for free when using this coupon code: SEVEN

Just pay shipping and handling. Here’s the one I got.

Next is Baby Steals and Kids Steals. These are awesome websites. Each day they post something new you can buy for usually half the retail price. Today my friend and I got to be their models :) Check out baby steals to see the pics. Here are a couple of them.

Here’s my gorgeous friend Monique.


This is the only cute one of me on there, haha. I think I look crappy in all of them, wish they would have just cut off my head in the rest of them.

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I never thought I’d be one to consider childbirth without drugs. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a bit of a woosy when it comes to pain. I do however, TRY to live a more natural lifestyle. Never been the type to be too extreme, but I’d definitely choose natural home remedies before any kind of drugs. I believe in eating healthy, organic as much as possible. I juice regularly, and do a cleanse about every 4 months (when I’m not pregnant of course). I’m also a huge advocate of drinking a meal replacement protein shake every morning for breakfast (my favorite is the Isagenix Isalean shakes) to be sure I’m getting plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals.

So when I was pregnant with my first, I considered going natural…

…for about 2 minutes.

With my second I didn’t consider it at all, but just so happens my epidural stopped working just in time for me to push out a 9 1/2 lb baby.

I thought I was going to die. Very painful, but then again, not quite as bad as I had imagined. I think I was scared more than anything. Plus, the recovery was MUCH easier for some reason. This experience also gave me the confidence that maybe I COULD do it naturally.

Now most people, including myself would say, “why endure pain if you don’t have to”?

Well that was before I took the time to research it a little more. Started by watching the documentary, Business of Being Born. Here’s the trailer, you MUST watch it.

I realized that my past desicions were all based on ignorance and fear. I never took the time to actually learn about childbirth, I was doing what everyone else seemed to be doing without second thought of the alternative. Natural childbirth was never even something my doctor wanted to talk about.

I’ve learned there is so much more to having a baby naturally than just pure horror and pain. Not that I know from experience… YET, but I’ve heard it’s the most amazing and empowing experience a women could have.

Not only do I want to have that experience, but I’m dealthy afraid of that epidural. I would dare say that getting that tube shoved up my spine was the hardest part of the whole thing for me, and my back has never been the same since. I still have pain there and get a sharp tingly feeling anytime I’m massaged in that spot.

Here are a few interesting facts about natural childbirth.

  • Quicker recovery for mother and baby
  • Shorter labor
  • More effective pushing, shorter pushing time
  • Less tearing of the perineum
  • Lower Cesarean rate
  • Less chance of damage to baby’s brain due to drugs or misused forceps or vacuum
  • Less chance of bodily harm to baby from forceps or vacuum
  • Less need for interventions such as internal fetal monitor, continuous monitoring, IV, catheter
  • Mother can move freely and get in comfortable position
  • Mother can squat to push, which makes pushing easier and shorter
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Baby is alert and reactive to environment
  • Baby is more coordinated
  • Baby can latch on better and more quickly for breastfeeding moms
  • Mother is in control of her body and can use instinct to birth the baby
  • Mother is unmedicated and can bond more easily with her child
  • No risk of prolonged pain from botched epidural or from Cesarean wound
  • No long-term negative developmental or behavioral effects on the baby

Information from Natural Childbirth.

To tell you the truth, I did feel a little disappointed after giving birth my first time. I was expecting so much more. I thought… that was it??? I didn’t really do anything. I thought I would be left with an overwhelming feeling of, WOW—- I’m pretty darn amazing :)

Don’t get me wrong, every mother is amazing for all that comes with motherhood starting with the 9 months of pregnancy. That alone is something to be forever cherished and praised. I just can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on a life changing experience.

A few things I’ve learned from having babies in hospitals and using traditional doctors.

  1. You don’t get ANY support when you’re in labor and they definitely don’t promote natural childbirth. It’s get in, get out, as fast as possible.
  2. Making the decision to go natural is something you need to decide on well before you enter the hospital. You can’t go in thinking, “we’ll see how it goes”. You will most likely go for the epidural when no preparation or commitment is involved.
  3. Coaching is a must, weather you hire a Doula, invite your mom or sister to be there, or simply take classes with your husband so he knows how to best support you through the labor.

So I’ve made my decision and I’m sticking to it. I’ve already been seeing a midwife, her name is Melissa Mayo who has been delivering babies at home for over 20 years. I’ve also found a great Doula, Becky Overson who has 17 years experience as a massage therapist and specializes in supporting women in labor.

My husband supports my decision whole heartedly and I know I can count on him for additional support. I’m so excited about this new endeavor but scared out of my mind. I’ve got 4 months to prepare myself mentally, so I’ve been reading a ton on natural childbirth and different techniques like hypnobirthing.

I will be sure to document this experience and share it with you all. What I need right now is major support and positive affirmations to keep me focused on the goal. Please, no horror stories :) Thank you so much!

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Hey all my lovely friends. How is your summer going? Can you believe it’s almost over? Feels like it just started.

For us it’s been great. Lots of things going on thats for sure. Sean and I just got back from a nice little trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our 7 years of marriage together. Thanks to Sean’s parents we were able to leave the kids for a couple days and enjoy some alone time.

We stayed at the Vdara Hotel which is located on the strip next to the Bellagio. Sean decided to splurge and surprised me with a corner suite, which means we had two walls full of windows giving us an amazing view of the city. Perfect view of the Bellagio fountains too, which is my favorite part of Vegas. I would definitely recommend the Vdara Hotel, it was beautiful, reasonably priced and had extremely comfortable beds.

I didn’t take a single picture, can you believe that? I didn’t want the hassle of hauling around the huge camera bag AND my purse, so this morning I found the perfect solution.

Snugglens $99.99

Isn’t it cute?

It works as a purse, diaper bag and camera bag! How cool is that? I figured I’m going to be needing a new diaper bag soon, and thought this was perfect. I can stick some diapers and wet wipes right on the top, and still have room for my wallet, camera, and even an extra lense or a bottle if I need one. It was a little pricely in my oppinion, but I figure since it’s 3 in one, it was worth it.

I got this cute little strap to go with it.

So anyway, I think this will make bringing my camera places, much easier.

Next thing on the list of things I wanted to share with you is a fun contest Hapari Swimwear is having.� The contest prize is $2500 and a trip to Florida. All you have to do to enter is email them a picture of you wearing one of their suits. Email it to [email protected] They are posting all of the pictures on their Facebook page and they said that your chances of winning increase by the number of “likes” or comments on your photo. So if you head over there you can cast me a little vote if you want :) I’ll definitely return the favor if any of you enter. Just look through the 12 pics and you’ll find mine in there. See more details HERE.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Oh how I love that show. It’s amazing to see what the body is actually capable of.

The other day I was looking through my year book and found this picture.

Nice how I’m the ONLY one not paying attention.

This picture brought me back to those high school days. Boy, do I have some funny stories to share.

Watch this little video I made and you’ll see what I mean.

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Yep, that’s me 9 months pregnant. Not really looking forward to getting that big again, but I do wish I was 9 months pregnant right now. Could the time go any slower when pregnant?

I tend to have big babies. Lily was 8 lb. 3 oz. and Oliver was 9 lbs 4 oz. I got asked all the time if I was having twins when I was pregnant with Oliver. Aw, sure made me feel good getting comments like that. When you feel like a whale, there’s nothing better than perfect strangers confirming that you look like one.

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Here’s a little story I MUST share with you. It took place back when Lily was just a new born and I only WISH I had it on video.

“You dare me to drink this bottle of breast milk.” Asked my father-in-law as he raised the 4-ounce baby bottle in front of the whole family. Everyone looked disgusted as he opened the bottle preparing to drink. He thought he was playing a joke on everyone.  Little did he know the joke was on HIM.

We were all over for a nice Sunday meal, which my benevolent good mother-in-law puts together for us from time to time. Earlier that night, Tony, Sean and I had planned it. We filled a baby bottle with soymilk so that Tony could pretend as though he was going to drink my breast milk.

Sean and I secretly made a whole new plan of our own. We switched out the bottle of soymilk with a fresh bottle of breast milk, which I had so generously prepared earlier that day. We let the whole family in on the joke, without Tony’s knowledge of course.

As Tony slowly lifted the bottle to his mouth, we all looked at him in awe. Was he REALLY going to drink it?
Tony thought he was about to drink soy milk, but we all knew what was really in that bottle. We stood by trying hard not to show what we all knew. I glanced over at Sean, amazed at how he kept the joke going. He was always much better than me at keeping a straight face.

Tony pounded that 4-ounce bottle like it was a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Everyone was in complete shock. Then they burst into laughter, which quickly turned to disgust. Sean and I could not believe we pulled it off. We laughed so hard we were crying.

Seconds after Tony guzzled the breast milk he suddenly realized what had just happened. His face turned white, his eyes began to water…

Then it happened.

The milk came right back up. He looked like a fire hydrant bursting. The milk sprayed in all different directions, gushing from his nose and mouth.

Once he had successfully spit up (because that’s what you call it when it’s breast milk) all traces of the milk, he stood over the kitchen sink, dry heaving as everyone in the room laughed hysterically.
Without saying a word, Tony cleaned himself up, walked over to the table and sat down.

I walked over, put my hand on his shoulder, looked him straight in the eye and said…

“I feel like we’ve just bonded.”

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One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a mom is, there’s no shame in hiring a little help…

It’s possible on any budget really. Think about it. So many of us spend money on random useless things all the time. It’s all a matter of budgeting right, perhaps trading in something thats not benefiting you in any way. For example, new jewelry or clothes, eating out, your daily diet coke or Star Bucks, ect.  If you spend just $2 a day on one of these addictive drinks, that’s $60 a month, which is more than enough money to hire someone to clean your toilets, organize the toy room or even do your laundry.

The way I see it is, how is my time best spent. Would I rather spend two hours a week doing laundry, or would it be better spent doing something I enjoy? Like developing a talent, pursuing a hobby, or simply playing with my kids. Spending countless hours on house work is not my idea of living a full life.

So I’ve budgeted a certain amount of money each week for an “Andrea”…

My “Andrea” helps me with the laundry…

does dishes…

and even helps with the organizing.

It’s all about priorities folks…

and cleaning is not one of mine.

Just so you know, my “Andrea” has an open schedule for the summer, so if you’re looking for someone awesome to help secure your sanity, then getting yourself an “Andrea” is the best thing for you :)

She only charges $11 an hour.

Email me if you’d like her phone number.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Father’s Day!!!